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Samantha Wills

Samantha Wills Mineral Necklace - Pyrite

$ 175.00

Harvested from the earth, the Samantha Wills Minerals Collection is the meeting of Bohemian and Luxury. Raw and Beautifully polished hand cut stones are set on a sterling silver chain finished in 14K gold plating. Select your desired energy and wear it close to your heart. A masculine stone in nature, the uniquely golden pyrite stone draws energy from the earth to create a shield against negative energies. Utilize this stone for the confidence and vitality it will bring you. The crystals used throughout the Samantha Wills mineral range have been cut individually, and each has their own unique characteristics and coloring. Due to this, each piece does vary slightly from the image displayed. Please treat these pieces with care, as they are fine jewelry

Pendant Length - 1.6 inches
Pendant Width - 0.4 inches
Chain Length - 14.6 inches 

Comes with hand carved wooden box.