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Kiki Nass

Vintage Double Sided LV Monogram Crossbody Bag

$ 950.00

Vintage Louis Vuitton cross body bag

For the woman who likes a little soul in her accessories... go vintage! This bag is PERFECT for travel with the secure closures, on two sides. Place your wallet, passport and other valuables on the back side, and your lipstick, tissues, hand lotion, etc... more easily accessible! From the days when actual buckles served as closures, not magnets! The size and shape of this one is absolutely perfect. 

*As with all of our vintage bags, some have been refurbished to bring back to near perfect status. Linings may have been cleaned or redone, hardware replaced, straps mended, etc... but they are back to beautiful and still fabulously designer, for a fraction of the original price, or the cost of a new design.

12" x 8"
2 separate 2" depth pouches
20" strap drop