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About Kiki Nass

We know, because we are you. We are women who, no matter how informed, evolved and balanced we may be on any given day, if we don't feel our best on the outside too, it effects us on some level.

We want to help you express your best self through your wardrobe and styling decisions. To have that outer piece of who you are, align more effectively with your inner you. And when we say we want to help you be "your best" that's what we mean, YOUR best! No matter your level of creative expression or preferred classic style, we want to help you find the foundations that are easier than others to build around. Whether you want to add a new tee, jean, legging, pant or other basic for everyday, or you need something special for a particular event, we want to help you find items that will have a long life and as much flexibility as possible in your wardrobe.

NOW OPEN! Come visit us at Lamar Union! 1100 South Lamar, Suite 1130. Across from Caffe Medici, near the Shake Shack and Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar!

 Hours: SUMMER HOURS JULY-AUGUST: 12pm-6pm/ 7days a week

(512)362-8909 |