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Graphic Tees are the New Black!

We have always loved helping you maintain a certain comfort, confidence and sense fun with your wardrobe. In fact, we think not taking yourself too seriously while ruling your universe is about the sexiest thing around. And we have LOVED graphic and destroyed tees since before they were the norm, worn in many different ways, dressed up and down. Dressing down a tee is the seemingly easy part, but you can dress up a graphic tee and have fun in a serious way easily as well. So bring some fun to your work attire or even to that cocktail party, go ahead. You can say things you want with either a fun graphic image, or more literally through a statement tee....

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Tribeza Style Week

Last night was the Tribeza Magazine fashion show featuring many local boutiques. It was a wonderful night and I was struck by the diversity of the shops in our great city. It was a testament of the times; with each and every one of us able to celebrate our individuality in what we wear every day. What I loved most about the Kiki Nass looks as they walked down the runway, was how they stood out as such wearable pieces. Our goal to bring clients the best classic, yet edgy pieces, by companies that have only the best energy was crystal clear. From the fun screen tees by Pam & Gela, Lauren Moshi and Chaser that we dressed up a...

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Brick and Mortar... it's harder than you think ;-)

After many many delays, we were finally able to open our physical location on January 30. And for all the delays and headaches... she turned out better than we ever could have imagined. The space is filled with love, laughs, good energy, great music and wonderful things. We mention this here, on our website, because this is where your orders ship from. This space serves as not only our flagship store... but as our HQ, shipping and receiving departments, warehouse, dance club, comedy stage, cocktail bar, art gallery and so much more. Although we may not get to meet you face to face, we feel we know you, and hope you'll be back the next time you have a fashion...

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Holiday Party Gear

                   So... it's 2015 and holiday parties aren't what they used to be. It's not one company party and maybe a family get together, it's LOTS of get togethers these days. Some with kids, some without. Some dressier than others, and just one or two new pieces, if they're the right pieces, could help you feel super fresh and special for each one, and then be of use to you in the future as well. Here are a couple of suggestions... New dress: Keep it classic! We love our Jersey Cowl Neck Dress by Nicole Miller. It has everything... arm coverage, a beautiful neckline, easy care, durable fabric and is the perfect length! Pair...

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It Takes A Village

There are opportunities in life to offer support, lift others up, to become part of the foundation for greatness with those we love. Whether it is supporting your child through life’s transitions, volunteering in your community in some way, moving your ailing parent in with you, cheering on your daughter’s soccer team, offering to dog sit for friends so they can get away, bringing soup to a sick friend, a vendor taking a chance on the new kids on the block, supporting your friends while they go through a year of delays to open their dream store, LOL! All tiny opportunities to increase the vibes in the universe and promote positivity for everyone! This is a philosophy we truly believe...

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