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We are so thankful this weekend that there is a movement to bring focus to the small businesses in this country. Because most of us are not only our own small business, we support many other small businesses, and our surrounding community as well. It is a cycle of love and respect that runs through so many of the local businesses and shops where we all live. And while most love having that little mom and pop shop in their neighborhood, and we do love it when you simply stop by to say hi, we need your actual support to continue and hopefully grow.

Every time you choose to shop small with us, you are supporting additional companies with best practices, because those are the only ones we do business with. Companies like LNA, Lauren Moshi, Pam and Gela, McGuire denim, and Jac Vanek that are primarily manufactured in the laid back land of California. And AG Adriano Goldschmied, Chaser, Oliveve handbags, good hYOUman, The Giving Keys, S.T.E.F. and others that are also made in the USA and/or are companies that give back in some way. These are not the companies that get us the cheapest prices, they are the ones that bring a value and energy that is without limits, and keeps on giving you that wonderful energy for years and years in every piece.

We would like to thank everyone who has shopped with us in our first year of operation both on line, and in store with a fun sale on our best selling category... t-shirts! [see Black Friday Sale on home page] Kiki Nass was a dream that actually began a decade ago, and became the amazing concept she is now through a lot of amazing people and connections. We are a small business, that wants to grow to multiple concepts/locations, and we can't do that without you. We know you have many options in this day and age, and we love being the small business with a big heart in everyone’s neighborhood through the wonder of the World Wide Web.