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Good Vibes for the Home

For as much as we love bringing only the best vibes to your closet, we also strive to find companies who will bring that same wonderful energy to the rest of your home as well. We are all about the intangibles in everything we bring into the shop, just as much as the styles, colors, fits and shapes. And we suggest that everyone look for the "extra" in all aspects of life, from the food you eat, to the company you keep, to the companies you support and ultimately everything you bring into your life. 

Take for example, Coreterno, a company we found at a small trade show off the beaten path in New York City. We hope everyone feels all the love that goes into every piece by this beautiful Italian couple. Love infuses everything, from the beautiful imagery, to the sensuous scents... their beautiful candles and prints scream impeccable, alternative and love! Perfect items to gift someone special, especially if that someone is you.

Here's a little recap by them to get you started, then cruise over to our contemporary home goods to see of your self...

"We descend from the families of alchemists, engravers, saints, rebels and poets who, for centuries, have accumulated the secret knowledge and skills to extend beauty onto motionless objects. Emblazoned with intricate detailing and the salvific power of words, symbols and powerful philosophy, every Coreterno product is created by hand and shaped by passion, heritage & utmost care. The world of Coreterno embodies European aesthetics mixed with extraordinary and sophisticated artisan skills that make every Coreterno product unique, different and empowering." - Michelangelo Brancato and Francilla Ronchi Designers and Owners of Coreterno