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Graphic Tees are the New Black!

We have always loved helping you maintain a certain comfort, confidence and sense fun with your wardrobe. In fact, we think not taking yourself too seriously while ruling your universe is about the sexiest thing around. And we have LOVED graphic and destroyed tees since before they were the norm, worn in many different ways, dressed up and down. Dressing down a tee is the seemingly easy part, but you can dress up a graphic tee and have fun in a serious way easily as well. So bring some fun to your work attire or even to that cocktail party, go ahead. You can say things you want with either a fun graphic image, or more literally through a statement tee.

 Maria Grazia Chiuri did just that in the showing of her first collection for Dior. She shared her pride at being the first woman in her role at Dior, by walking t-shirts among the beautiful pieces with a statement of empowerment; “We should all be feminists." With the first female candidate for President of the United States, all of us at our female run business couldn’t agree more!

 We love our core tee brands. Most are run and/or designed by women as well, Pam & Gela, Lauren Moshi, Lauren Alexander and April Leight of LNA to name a few. And would pair any of these more casual brands with the likes of Nicole Miller every single day and twice on Sunday. So we say have fun with what you choose to cover that natural beauty with… you might just make someone’s day, and you’ll definitely make your own!

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