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Brick and Mortar... it's harder than you think ;-)

After many many delays, we were finally able to open our physical location on January 30. And for all the delays and headaches... she turned out better than we ever could have imagined. The space is filled with love, laughs, good energy, great music and wonderful things.

We mention this here, on our website, because this is where your orders ship from. This space serves as not only our flagship store... but as our HQ, shipping and receiving departments, warehouse, dance club, comedy stage, cocktail bar, art gallery and so much more. Although we may not get to meet you face to face, we feel we know you, and hope you'll be back the next time you have a fashion need. Our orders are shipped with care to get them to you as safely and quickly as possible. And KNOW that your goods are coming packed with good vibes and lots of love! We appreciate you more than we can say and want to thank you so much for supporting women in business in the USA.

*NOTE: you can call the shop anytime for assistance, we'd actually LOVE to hear from you. Whether it's for additional size information or any other style guidance we can give.