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It Takes A Village

There are opportunities in life to offer support, lift others up, to become part of the foundation for greatness with those we love. Whether it is supporting your child through life’s transitions, volunteering in your community in some way, moving your ailing parent in with you, cheering on your daughter’s soccer team, offering to dog sit for friends so they can get away, bringing soup to a sick friend, a vendor taking a chance on the new kids on the block, supporting your friends while they go through a year of delays to open their dream store, LOL! All tiny opportunities to increase the vibes in the universe and promote positivity for everyone! This is a philosophy we truly believe in, and we are so thankful to be a part of such an amazing community of love and support.


It’s true; we have had/continue to have some real warriors supporting our journey with kiki nass, part deux! The process of getting the physical store going has been, well…. we’ll just leave it at “challenging”, but she’s almost open (mid-December) and we are thankful to be living a dream. This website has been a huge, albeit unplanned, asset for us, and those first early sales from mothers, aunts and friends were our first big happy sighs of relief. We continue to move forward and plan for a wonderful future that will continue to build with wonderfully ethical companies, and hopefully create more job opportunities in the future as we grow.


There are too many people to name, and we would hate to leave anyone out, but you know who you are, and we thank you! To our vendors who have been such wonderful partners through the endless delays, we thank you too. Brands like Nicole Miller, LNA, Lauren Moshi, McGuire Denim, AG jeans, 35MM, Chaser LA, IKKS, Joie, Yosi Samra, Ecru, Kooba and more… we know you didn’t have to put up with our challenges too, but you did, and stuck with us! And the positive support and good vibes live on….


Peace Love and Happiness to you all from the team at k i k i   n a s s !!!!


*Photo attached is of our #1 fan decked out in k i k i   n a s s gear! J