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Ya gotz to accessorize!!!

We went to Dallas market last week to buy more accessories for the website, as well as for our store opening next month in Austin. Leaving it to that last stretch of time leading up to the shop being ready, allowed us to really tailor that category around who our girl is shaping up to be, clothing wise. That said, it also taught me that accessories... earrings, necklaces, rangs, hats, scarves, handbags and the rest of it, doesn't have to fit a look.... because they can make the look.

I LOVE a funky classic tee and high waisted flare jeans! Throw on an artsy necklace and bright shoe with that combo, and it's suddenly got a fun quirky vibe. Keep it with nice gold earrings, rings and a simple heel and it feels classic! Rock the look with big dream catcher hoops and a fringe handbag, and you just brought it into the 70's.... So at the end of the day, our  k i k i   n a s s  girl in those awesome McGuire Majorelle flare jeans and LNA destroyed tee needs all of those options, so we went CRAZY!!!

We will have vintage inspired accessories, handcrafted pieces made in the USA, locally made pieces from Austin, bohemian looks, mod looks, tribal looks, and all will go from super accessible, to 'i might have to eat ramen noodles for a month' price points. Know that we are going to do our best to bring you the best variety of finishing pieces to complete every look, to match your every mood and fit every life situation comes up.

Most of us can't buy a new outfit for every single life situation. But if you buy the best core investment pieces with us, we will always have a new bauble, bag or shoe to give a new face to those amazingly versatile and classic pieces in your wardrobe.