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New York Fashion Week

Going to market in NY is always wonderful. The beat of the city is palpable and infuses life into what we’re doing and why. With sooooo many different brands and categories offered…. Actually SEEING all that is out there drives home how happy we are with the assortment of brands and real, wearable styles we bring to our clients.

We make a conscious choice to not go after trends you may not like next year, or even next month, but rather to bring you the classics. And our favorite classics often come with a twist, so that they are unique without ever becoming dated. We love offering looks that you will love for years, while at the same time finding the special pieces that can serve specific needs, but then give you plenty of future use. Take Nicole Miller, we carry her wonderful dresses, and have access to her whole line, to cover any special occasion that may call for you to dress up. But then her dresses and dressier pieces can be matched back to even denim jackets and jeans for literally decades. We carry Joie heels that can be dressed up or down, serve a classic or a funky look. Certain styles they have cut for years, because while being gorgeous heels, they also have a comfort you will always want. Even our casual tops by LNA, CHASER, IKKS, etc… we try to keep fun, sexy, edgy and classic.

Basically this market proved one thing for me… we really do have a clear message and it’s one that can work for any woman easily. We want to bring you your fun pieces trend free, as well as the basic pieces you will wear for years and years. Those favorite jeans, casual tops, black slacks what can be worn with flip flops or heels, the special event dress that can also be worn on the next girls night out We want to bring you the BEST that’s out there, not everything that’s out there… and that’s a choice on our part.