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Everything happens in it's own time...

Everything happens in it's own time. Prepare, focus, work hard and understand that you cannot control everything. The sooner you realize that last part, the sooner the flow of the right energy can gain strength in all aspects of your life. And that's when things really fall into place. If you're paying attention and not focusing on the things you WISH would happen, but instead tuned into taking charge of the things that actually ARE happening, you can maximize that flow and steer your ship to success every time.

We've been talking about doing a store since we met, but the timing was never right. Then circumstances brought us back together, at the right time to actually think about it again. We found the perfect spot, but it was a new development, not opening until March/April '15. Yes, you just read that right, our original open date was April 2015, and we are now staring down a November opening.

During the many months of delays, a lot of wonderful and not so wonderful things happened, all very important life lessons that were meant for us. In that time we decided to kick up our marketing by adding a professional photo shoot with David Heisler, to enhance our advertising and even start this website. That day was amazing and a game changer for us! Some truly amazing people were able to join our team and our grass roots beginning gained allies who wanted to be part of our journey. New fun brands emerged, I got to take the trip of a lifetime with my mother and aunt, we added categories to our assortment we had not planned for... and it was all meant to be... in it's own time.

And so... after months (and by months I mean light years) of delays.... we are finally beginning construction on our physical location in Austin, TX, and the vibes are just so awesome around the whole thing. It had been a while since I visited the space so I went to take pictures. It was lunchtime and rolled up on a construction guy eating and on the phone, smiling and laughing in the space, full of great energy. It was just a little thing, but I was paying attention, so it wasn't lost on me... it was perfect timing!