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Kids and animals...

So they say 'never work with kids or animals', and we say, BRING ON BOTH!!! All of us at k i k i   n a s s  LOVE working with kids, and HOPE to work with animals for some photo shoots in the future. Our kids gear is one of the most fun categories we carry, and we often wish we could get their looks for big kids too! Lauren Moshi's fun graphics and Michael Lauren's super soft fabrics gave us the perfect foundation to build on. We look forward to new brands in the coming months as we grow that area on our website and in store! And... don't even get us started on the super cute booties coming in for FALL!!!

We recently had the pleasure of shooting the children of one of our in-store stylists for some ads and to add some fun to our product shots here. Arleigh and tiny Iris were real pros... looking super cute for us in every shot and working for just ice-cream! Thanks to our new neighbors in Austin, LICK ice-cream, we're all wanting pay in ice-cream. 

We want to thank each and every one of the beautiful families who have supported us over our first months... If you have bought for your kids from us, and don't mind sharing, tag on your public social media profile with #tinynasskickers, and we'll shoot you a note with a special savings code. Thanks again for supporting our independent, locally owned business, we know you have many choices, and we appreciate you.