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New Years Eve Style

New Years Eve style that might include lounge wear by Pam and Gela, a cocktail dress by Nicole Miller, fancy top by MLV with jeans by McGuire or AG jeans. People ask us all the time, "What's appropriate to wear for____ fill in the blank___?" And given our easy style philosophy, the answer is always, "Whatever makes you FEEL your best!" So this New Years Eve you can rock a sequin top by MLV with a destroyed jean by McGuire denim or AG jeans to your bestie's house party. OR you can ring in the new year in a sexy skirt by Nicole Miller, paired with a fun graphic tee by Lauren Moshi, Pam and Gela, Chaser, or any of our...

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Shop Small Business

We are so thankful this weekend that there is a movement to bring focus to the small businesses in this country. Because most of us are not only our own small business, we support many other small businesses, and our surrounding community as well. It is a cycle of love and respect that runs through so many of the local businesses and shops where we all live. And while most love having that little mom and pop shop in their neighborhood, and we do love it when you simply stop by to say hi, we need your actual support to continue and hopefully grow. Every time you choose to shop small with us, you are supporting additional companies with best practices,...

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Get out and Vote! Many women suffered to guarantee our right to count as equals when it comes to having our voices heard about who runs this country. So follow the lead of women like Alice Paul, Nora Hoffman-White, Hattie Redmond, and all of the African-American women who fought past barriers to do something we can so easily hop in our cars and do today.  Use your voice today! It's an amazing day for all women, whether you vote for her or not, to have a woman as a Presidential candidate. All things are possible, and we are celebrating our freedoms as women today... Rise up and show up!  Repost photo from Borgen magazine.

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Graphic Tees are the New Black!

We have always loved helping you maintain a certain comfort, confidence and sense fun with your wardrobe. In fact, we think not taking yourself too seriously while ruling your universe is about the sexiest thing around. And we have LOVED graphic and destroyed tees since before they were the norm, worn in many different ways, dressed up and down. Dressing down a tee is the seemingly easy part, but you can dress up a graphic tee and have fun in a serious way easily as well. So bring some fun to your work attire or even to that cocktail party, go ahead. You can say things you want with either a fun graphic image, or more literally through a statement tee....

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Good Vibes for the Home

For as much as we love bringing only the best vibes to your closet, we also strive to find companies who will bring that same wonderful energy to the rest of your home as well. We are all about the intangibles in everything we bring into the shop, just as much as the styles, colors, fits and shapes. And we suggest that everyone look for the "extra" in all aspects of life, from the food you eat, to the company you keep, to the companies you support and ultimately everything you bring into your life.  Take for example, Coreterno, a company we found at a small trade show off the beaten path in New York City. We hope everyone feels all...

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